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Foundation for Consumers

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The Foundation for Consumers (FFC) was established in 1994 as a non-government and non-profit consumer organisation working directly with consumers to do policy and advocacy work. Originally, FFC started as a Coordinating Committee for Primary Health Care to coordinate health groups at the national level (1983).

FFC is now the main leading consumer organisation in Thailand. It also helped to set up the Association of Confederation of Consumer Organisations (ACCOT), a non-governmental and non-profit network organisation comprised of 17 consumer organisations and groups around the country working on issues related to health, gender, agriculture, labour rights. FFC's consumer magazine called Smart Buyer Magazine is an established bi-monthly magazine with more than 12,000 subscribers.

FFC also established a Complaints and Legal Assistance Center in 1994 in conjunction with its Magazine. Relevant complaint cases are then relayed to the mass media, in particular through the weekly one hour television programme called Consumers Assembly.



1. Value for Your Money
2. Value for Money and Also Value for People
3. Sustainable Consumption & Consumer Life Style



  • Chaladsue (Smart Buyer) Magazine
  • Complaint and Legal Assistance Centre (CLAC)
  • Developing consumers protection's policies.
  • Supporting and developing latencies of Consumers Organizations Nationwide.

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